Finalist Miss Beauty of Noord-Holland

Marijne Weggemans

( Lid van team: Miss Beauty of Noord-Holland 2020 )

van totaal € 200 (100%)

I'm proud to announce that I'm officially a finalist for Miss Beauty of Noord Holland! Miss Beauty of the Netherlands is supporting the Linda Foundation for the third time this year. This foundation is focused on raising awareness for the families in Holland that are less fortunate and financially unstable. Statistically, one in nine children live below the poverty line. Parents in this situation aren't able to provide the money to pay for everyday things such as toys or hobbies, let alone vacations. Children aren't supposed to bear the burden of an unstable financial situation and therefore I would like to raise money to support these families. Please spread awareness on this issue to create a platform for the people in need. Any donation will be much appreciated! Liefs, Marijne