A small change makes all the difference

Studio Gyzell
van totaal € 10 (1000%)

Ethical bag brand Studio Gyzell wants to contribute to the change towards a more sustainable world and inspires others to do the same. Our adjustable bags can not only change your look but your outlook on life too. We truly believe in the power of change- not just for the future, but for now. That’s why we take action against poverty by supporting LINDA.foundation. Poverty makes both individual and society vulnerable. At Studio Gyzell we consider poverty reduction as a major tool to support sustainable development, with focus on both people and planet. Creating chances for others is an important aspect of our sustainability driven entrepreneurship. By donating with every sold Studio Gyzell bag we hope to help a little bit. This way we act together with all the wonderful women around the world who see the beauty of our storytelling bags. Small changes in life can make all the difference.